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What is a Group Exercise Instructor?
A Group Exercise Instructor enjoys interacting with people, particularly in a teaching or leadership capacity, as they are responsible for leading different types of fitness classes. They teach aerobics and conditioning classes to groups, generally in a fitness center or health club.

Group Exercise Instructors demonstrate the proper techniques for a specific type of exercise and observe students to ensure that they are working out correctly. They create an exercise lesson appropriate for the students' level of experience.

Communication and social skills are an essential part of being a Group Exercise Instructor. Most of their time will be spent interacting with groups of people all at once in some form or another. However, there will still be times when they will be conversing with clients one on one when giving specific technique instructions, encouragement, or corrections.

Maintaining a positive and energetic attitude amongst the group is integral to the success of the class, students and the instructor.They are typically high energy, leadership personalities that can motivate large groups of people toward a specific task and goal.

Is CEFA right for you?
CEFA was founded by a group of Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals who saw a need for affordable and quality certification in the fitness industry. As they progressed in their careers they saw a common problem of fitness certifications with inflated prices. They came together with the vision of bringing positive change to the industry and raising the standards of fitness certifications.

And so the Council of Exercise Fitness and Athletics (CEFA) was born.

We have streamlined the process of becoming certified in the fitness industry in an effort to make high quality, industry recognized certification available to anyone who has the drive and motivation to pursue it.

Getting CEFA Certified
Our program is lean and to the point. We cut the fat that plagues other fitness certification organizations that results in you paying a premium price for extra add-ons that you don't need. With CEFA you study, take an exam, and once you pass you have the opportunity to purchase your certification. We take no money up front, you only pay when you pass. With CEFA you won't be paying hundreds or thousands of dollars traveling long distances to sit in a classroom all day.

CEFA is about self study and self discipline. We are the guide, but it is up to you to study the material we provide at no cost. We will show you the way and give you the resources you need to accomplish your goals. However, just as with the Personal Trainer and the client, it all comes down to your dedication to success. Learning is easy. Application is hard.

Your Future is Waiting
If you succeed in getting certified with CEFA then you will succeed as a Personal Trainer. Because if you can motivate yourself enough to change your life then you have what it takes to motivate someone else to change theirs. Your fitness career starts here.

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Personal Trainer

CEFA offers an Online Training Course that will teach you everything you need to succeed as a Personal Trainer.

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Personal Trainer

Become a CEFA Certified Personal Trainer with our Online Certification Exam.

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Group Exercise

Group Exercise remains a dominating force in the fitness industry. Lead the way as a CEFA Certified Group Exercise instructor.

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Health &
Wellness Coach

Nutrition is a major component of reaching fitness goals. With CEFA Health & Wellness Certification you can help change lives.

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